Almost 30 years ago, Daudi McLean, aka Da Vegan Guru, changed his eating plan and his lifestyle forever. “I lost over 115 pounds in less than a year without missing a meal,” is what you’ll hear him say all day, every day. “Instead of a DIE-T, I started to LIVE-IT!” says the self-proclaimed hip-hop nutritionist who lost the first 60 pounds in just two months.
Today, Daudi is the proud founder and creator of 2Good! Veggie Kitchen and VAMP (Vegan Alternative Meal Plans). He has also opened various restaurants in Atlanta, South Florida, Memphis, Brooklyn, and counting!
Born in New Rochelle, NY, “Da Guru” relocated to LA in 1993 to work as a producer in the music industry. That year on his life’s journey, Daudi became both a vegan and a producer/songwriter. From 1994-2001, Daudi worked in the studio with major artists and producers.
A super energetic and passionate motivator, Daudi started sharing his vegan meals with his music industry friends and colleagues in 1995, and it quickly became very clear that his foodie talents were “2good 2keep 2himself.” Later in 1999, the self-taught vegan chef created a plant-based food service and product placement company called The Life Foods Company. The Life Foods Company catered events at churches, colleges, and schools in New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles from 2000-2010.
In 2008, The Life Foods Company partnered with the five-star Los Angeles-based restaurant Sisley’s Italian Kitchen to provide gourmet Italian vegan meals for the five-restaurant chain. Executive Chef Guru trained the restaurant’s head chefs, sous chefs, and prep workers and educated servers in the preparation, ingredient knowledge, and health benefits of alternative vegan dishes.
That same year, Daudi also became the personal chef for the gospel music icons/reality TV stars Mary Mary; the producers/songwriters Warryn Campbell, James Fauntleroy, and Erik Dawkins; the recording artists Ziggy Marley, Ruben Studdard, and Angie Stone; and many more.
Later in 2008, Chef Guru catered the 2008 BET Awards Show, serving VIP plant-based cuisine to over 300 guests. From 2008-2011, Daudi continued providing vegan meal plans for a variety of celebrity clientele, from famous Hollywood director Reginald Hudlin to internationally known Painter Doris Vartan.
In 2009, Daudi was successful in securing a spot for Life Foods Company’s brand of frozen vegan meals on the prestigious and highly competitive freezer shelves of Whole Foods Market and the popular Famima Markets in California. From 2010-2013, Chef Guru catered a “Happy Living Thanksgiving” spread for Nickelodeon in Burbank, CA—an entirely plant-based Thanksgiving meal for 600 people. Daudi also created 2Good! Foods Inc. in 2010 and—after building a reputation for providing the best-tasting vegan cuisine in Los Angeles, New York, and Atlanta—opened the 2Good! Veggie Kitchen Restaurant in North Hollywood in 2015. This plant-based organic juice bar and grill was a very popular meet-and-greet spot for celebrities, executives, professional athletes, and everyday people.
From 2015 to today, Da Vegan Guru’s clients have included Cedric The Entertainer, DJ Mustard, A$AP Rocky, Jeremih, Angela Simmons, the Green Bay Packers, and many more. Chef Guru has catered sets and provided vegan craft services for major feature films and TV shows and continues to counsel and provide vegan food services to a number of A-list celebrities, professional athletes, and corporate executives with respect to weight management, nutrition, and the benefits of living a healthy vegan lifestyle.